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Road Runner ID is here to meet all your Emergency Athletic ID needs. Our products are high quality, lightweight, comfortable, stylish, durable and best of all they're less expensive than our competitors'.

Whether you're looking for a Cycling ID Bracelet, Emergency Wristband ID, Shoe ID, Dog Tag ID, or even an emergency Pet ID, we have what you’re looking for.

Emergency Dog Tag IDs

Emergency Dog Tag IDs

Road Runner ID's emergency dog tag Sport IDs are a great fit for athletes and adventurers who don’t like having their information in the open on their wrist, or don’t like the feeling of a wristband but still know the importance of staying safe.


Emergency Wristband IDs

Emergency Wristband IDs

Road Runner ID's emergency ID wristbands & cycling ID bracelets are a trendy way to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors and pushing your limits. Our stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and effective ID wristbands are perfect for athletes of all kinds. Choose from our four styles and many colors.


Emergency Shoe IDs

Emergency Shoe IDs

Road Runner’s emergency Shoe IDs are ideal for runners that and don’t want their ID on their wrist or around their neck. The Shoe ID is lightweight and seamlessly integrates onto any shoe with laces. Available in seven colors.


ID Wristbands

Dog Tag IDs

Shoe IDs

Pet IDs

Road Runner ID has four (4) separate ways to ensure you, your family, friends, and even your pets can be easily identified in the event of an emergency, while enjoying the great outdoors.
Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, triathlete, hiker, skier, climber, swimmer, boater, or any other kind of outdoor enthusiast, you never know what might happen as you embark on a new adventure. Road Runner ID provides an extra layer of assurance through our amazing selection of Emergency Sport IDs & Kids ID products.

Road Runner ID’s selection of ID Wristbands & Sport ID Bracelets are lightweight, comfortable, durable and of course affordable! This combination is an irresistible choice for athletes of all kinds looking for Emergency ID Bracelets, Runners ID Bracelets, Triathlon ID Bracelets, Hiking ID Bracelets, Cycling ID Bracelets, Sport IDs, Kids IDs, much more.

Road Runner ID’s Dog Tag IDs come in a variety of lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and durable styles and colors. These classic Emergency IDs are great for activities of all kinds from hiking to biking, cycling to running, and more.

Road Runner ID’s Shoe ID is another great way to quickly and effectively transfer information in the event of an accident while outdoors. Don’t want to wear a dog tag or an ID wristband, then our Shoe ID tags are perfect for you.

Road Runner ID knows pets are a big part of our lives and outdoor activities, so we have a wide selection of Pet IDs, designed to protect your best friends in case of an accident or separation.

3 Reasons to Get a Road Runner Sport ID Emergency Tag

Regardless of your current medical condition, a custom Road Runner emergency Sport ID can save your life in the event of an accident. Your medical information can be quickly read by first responders if you become incapacitated. Let your Road Runner Medical ID speak for you when you can't speak for yourself.

Regardless of your current medical conditions a custom Road Runner ID
An emergency ID can save your life in the event of an outdoor accident resulting
in you being incapacitated or unable to speak and relay pertinent information.

3 Reasons to Get a Road Runner ID Emergency Tag



If you are involved in an accident, those responding will need critical information for your care. A Road Runner Sport ID will provide that information immediately.


An emergency ID can provide needed information hours before medical personnel are able to identify you without an ID.


Your family needs to know if you are involved in an accident. An emergency Sport ID will provide immediate access to their contact information when needed.


Road Runner ID is your #1 Source for Emergency ID Replacement

Moving, changing contacts, or simply lost your last ID plate. Road Runner ID’s replacement ID tags are a great way to update information or replace a scratch, dinged, or lost tag without having to replace your favorite band or chain.
Our replacement plates are one size fits all and fit easily into most brands and styles of emergency ID’s. These replacement ID’s are a great option for ensuring Kids ID Bracelets are easily replaced if lost or broken and their emergency information is always kept up to date. Giving you and your family the peace of mind to push further and harder than ever before!