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I bought my first Emergency ID from that big ID company years ago – I think it was a shoe ID. I must have worn it in a half dozen marathons and countless triathlons, not to mention all my training sessions.

Sometime later I updated my ID with a new address and that's when I realized how expensive the products from the big ID company had become. Being the frugal athlete that I am, I decided that I could make these very important safety products myself, but with one important difference - they would be LESS EXPENSIVE!

That's how ROAD RUNNER ID got started. We make our IDs with high-quality materials and top it off with an ironclad guarantee. Our customer care is second to none and all for a great price! And did I mention that our ID tags and holders are interchangeable with most of that big ID company's products, but enough about them. We really enjoy making emergency IDs for our customers and think you'll appreciate a ROAD RUNNER ID of your own!

Best of Luck -
David Thomas, Owner

Made in the USA

Our IDs are conceptualized, designed, engraved, packaged and shipped to you from Brecksville, Ohio, USA. Our shop is on the northwestern edge of the beautiful Cuyahoga National Park.